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Roman legion

roman legion

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There were two main types of Roman soldiers: The legionaries were the elite very best soldiers. A legionary had to be over 17 years old and a Roman citizen.

Every new recruit had to be fighting fit - anyone who was weak or too short was rejected. Legionaries signed up for at least 25 years' service.

But if they survived their time, they were rewarded with a gift of land they could farm. An auxiliary was a soldier who was not a Roman citizen.

Auxiliaries guarded forts and frontiers but also fought in battles, often in the front lines where it was the most dangerous. Click on this Roman legionary below to find out about his equipment.

At its largest, there might have been around half a million soldiers in the Roman army! Each legion had between 4, and 6, soldiers.

He carried a short rod, to show his importance. He would also use it to beat any soldier who disobeyed him. Some soldiers had special skills.

They shot bows and arrows, flung stones from slingshots, or could swim rivers to surprise an enemy. Roman soldiers usually lined up for battle in a tight formation.

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The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Read More on This Topic. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: These became permanent formations, each with its own number and name; the soldiers serving in them were called legionaries.

Besides the legionaries there was a somewhat smaller…. The Roman legion combined all three methods of supply in a marvelously flexible system.

A legion was nominally composed of 6, soldiers, and each legion was divided up into 10 cohorts, with each cohort containing 6 centuria.

The centurion thus nominally commanded about men, and there were 60 centurions in a legion. The centurions in a legion….

Ancient Rome , the state centred on the city of Rome. This article discusses the period from the founding of the city and the regal period, which began in bc , through the events leading to the founding of the republic in bc , the establishment of the empire in 27….

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Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. When Julius Caesar broke this rule, leaving his province of Gaul and crossing the Rubicon into Italy, he precipitated a constitutional crisis.

This crisis and the civil wars which followed brought an end to the Republic and led to the foundation of the Empire under Augustus in 27 BC.

The Roman empire under Hadrian ruled —38 , showing the legions deployed in Generals, during the recent Republican civil wars, had formed their own legions and numbered them as they wished.

During this time, there was a high incidence of Gemina twin legions, where two legions were consolidated into a single organization and was later made official and put under a legatus and six duces.

At the end of the civil war against Mark Antony , Augustus was left with around fifty legions, with several double counts multiple Legio Xs for instance.

For political and economic reasons, Augustus reduced the number of legions to 28 which diminished to 25 after the Battle of Teutoburg Forest , in which 3 legions were completely destroyed by the Germanics.

Beside streamlining the army Augustus also regulated the soldiers' pay. At the same time, he greatly increased the number of auxiliaries to the point where they were equal in number to the legionaries.

He also created the Praetorian Guard along with a permanent navy where served the liberti , or freed slaves.

Augustus' military policies proved sound and cost effective, and were generally followed by his successors. These emperors would carefully add new legions, as circumstances required or permitted, until the strength of the standing army stood at around 30 legions hence the wry remark of the philosopher Favorinus that It is ill arguing with the master of 30 legions.

With each legion having 5, legionaries usually supported by an equal number of auxiliary troops, the total force available to a legion commander during the Pax Romana probably ranged from 11, downwards, with the more prestigious legions and those stationed on hostile borders or in restive provinces tending to have more auxiliaries.

Some legions may have even been reinforced at times with units making the associated force near 15,—16, or about the size of a modern division.

Throughout the imperial era, the legions played an important political role. Their actions could secure the empire for a usurper or take it away.

For example, the defeat of Vitellius in the Year of the Four Emperors was decided when the Danubian legions chose to support Vespasian.

In the empire, the legion was standardized, with symbols and an individual history where men were proud to serve. The legion was commanded by a legatus or legate.

Aged around thirty, he would usually be a senator on a three year appointment. Immediately subordinate to the legate would be six elected military tribunes — five would be staff officers and the remaining one would be a noble heading for the Senate originally this tribune commanded the legion.

There would also be a group of officers for the medical staff, the engineers, record-keepers, the praefectus castrorum commander of the camp and other specialists such as priests and musicians.

There is no evidence to suggest that legions changed in form before the Tetrarchy , although there is evidence that they were smaller than the paper strengths usually quoted.

The final form of the legion originated with the elite legiones palatinae created by Diocletian and the Tetrarchs. These were infantry units of around 1, men rather than the 5,, including cavalry, of the old Legions.

The earliest legiones palatinae were the Lanciarii , Joviani , Herculiani and Divitenses. The 4th century saw a very large number of new, small legions created, a process which began under Constantine II.

In addition to the elite palatini , other legions called comitatenses and pseudocomitatenses , along with the auxilia palatina , provided the infantry of late Roman armies.

The Notitia Dignitatum lists 25 legiones palatinae , 70 legiones comitatenses , 47 legiones pseudocomitatenses and auxilia palatina in the field armies, and a further 47 legiones in the frontier armies.

The names also suggest that many new legions were formed from vexillationes or from old legions. In addition there were 24 vexillationes palatini, 73 vexillationes comitatenses; other units in the Eastern limitanei and in the Western limitanei.

According to the late Roman writer Vegetius ' De Re Militari , each century had a ballista and each cohort had an onager , giving the legion a formidable siege train of 59 Ballistae and 10 Onagers each manned by 10 libritors artillerymen and mounted on wagons drawn by oxen or mules.

In addition to attacking cities and fortifications, these would be used to help defend Roman forts and fortified camps castra as well. They would even be employed on occasion, especially in the later Empire, as field artillery during battles or in support of river crossings.

Despite a number of reforms, the Legion system survived the fall of the Western Roman Empire , and was continued in the Eastern Roman Empire until around 7th century, when reforms begun by Emperor Heraclius to counter the increasing need for soldiers around the Empire resulted in the Theme system.

Aside from the rank and file legionary who received the base wage of 10 asses a day or denarii a year , the following list describes the system of officers which developed within the legions from the Marian reforms BC until the military reforms of Diocletian c.

The rank of centurion was an officer rank that included many grades, meaning centurions had very good prospects for promotion.

The most senior centurion in a legion was known as the primus pilus first file or spear , who directly commanded the first century of the first cohort and commanded the whole first cohort when in battle.

Within the second to tenth cohorts, the commander of each cohort's first century was known as a pilus prior and was in command of his entire respective cohort when in battle.

The seniority of the pilus prior centurions was followed by the five other century commanders of the first cohort, who were known as primi ordines.

In modern military terms, an ordinary centurion was approximately equivalent to a Warrant Officer that had a junior officer's commission.

Whereas the most senior centurion was closer to the equivalent to the rank of a full Captain. The equestrian, or military tribunes held positions equivalent to the rank of Major, while the Senatorial Tribune and the Camp Praefect were the equivalent of a Lt.

The centuries took their titles from the old use of the legion drawn up in three lines of battle using three classes of soldier. Each century would then hold a cross-section of this theoretical line, although these century titles were now essentially nominal.

Each of the three lines is then sub-divided within the century into a more forward and a more rear century.

From the time of Gaius Marius onwards, legionaries received denarii a year equal to Sestertii ; this basic rate remained unchanged until Domitian , who increased it to denarii.

In spite of the steady inflation during the 2nd century, there was no further rise until the time of Septimius Severus , who increased it to denarii a year.

However, the soldiers did not receive all the money in cash, as the state deducted their pay with a clothing and food tax.

To this wage, a legionary on active campaign would hope to add the booty of war, from the bodies of their enemies and as plunder from enemy settlements.

Slaves could also be claimed from the prisoners of war and divided amongst the legion for later selling, which would bring in a sizeable supplement to their regular pay.

All legionary soldiers would also a receive a praemia on the completion of their term of service: Later, under Caracalla , the praemia increased to denarii.

From BC onwards, each legion used an aquila eagle as its standard symbol. The symbol was carried by an officer known as aquilifer , and its loss was considered to be a very serious embarrassment, and often led to the disbanding of the legion itself.

Normally this was because any legion incapable of regaining its eagle in battle was so severely mauled it was no longer combat effective.

When Caesar's troops hesitated to leave their ships for fear of the Britons, the aquilifer of the tenth legion threw himself overboard and, carrying the eagle, advanced alone against the enemy.

His comrades, fearing disgrace, 'with one accord, leapt down from the ship' and were followed by troops from the other ships.

With the birth of the Roman Empire, the legions created a bond with their leader, the emperor himself. Each legion had another officer, called imaginifer , whose role was to carry a pike with the imago image, sculpture of the emperor as pontifex maximus.

Each legion, furthermore, had a vexillifer who carried a vexillum or signum , with the legion name and emblem depicted on it, unique to the legion.

Anyone who didn't faced tough punishments. New York, Routledge, pp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Legions also included a small ala or cavalry unit. XX at Battle of Edessa ? Every monthly House of Fun or any one-off donation will Guns N Roses Aparate cover the costs of running and maintaining the site. In addition to the elite palatiniolymia live legions called comitatenses and pseudocomitatensesalong with the auxilia palatinaprovided the infantry of late Roman armies. These still depended on the shock tactics of pilum and gladius, but the 5,—6, heavy infantry in a legion were now combined with an equal number of supporting cavalry troops and light infantry made up of archers, slingers, and javelin men. This was erfahrung online casino changed to nine cohorts of standard size with six centuries at 80 men each with the first cohort trade seiten csgo of double strength five double-strength centuries with top casino movies each. Each of these three lines thunderstorm spielen subdivided into usually 10 chief tactical units called maniples. The Beste Spielothek in Binsengraben finden century saw a very large number of new, small legions created, a process which began under Constantine II.

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Mai Exif-Version 2. Mai Eindeutige Kennung des ursprünglichen Dokuments uuid: Legio V Iovia Diokletian. Dieser befindet sich auf der linken Seite des Bildschirms. Schon beginnen sich die Walzen zu drehen und bleiben einen Augenblick später wieder stehen. Jahrhundert wurde die klassische Legionsgliederung als tatsächliche taktische Einheit weitgehend aufgegeben, so dass sich die Verfolgung einer einzelnen Legion in der Spätantike teilweise sehr schwierig gestaltet.

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